Top Tips

By Mike@RR4RP
5th March 2015

In the members section, we have a whole bunch of useful tips from us, from professionals and from our members themselves.  Here's just a few that we wanted to share with everyone!


Motivation Tip: Visualise your goal, make it real and surround yourself with it.  If you are looking to get a bit slimmer, print a picture of when you were in great shape (or someone famous who is in the shape you want to be in!) and put it everywhere.  Your phone screen saver, stick it to the fridge or the biscuit cupboard!

Temptation Tip: If you know there is something that you struggle to resist, don't even have it in the house.  You don't want to be fighting your demons when you're trying to eat clean.  We'll teach you how to eat clean and tasty so you shouldn't miss anything (certainly not when you can have treat meals!) but if you do crave something, the last thing you want is to hear the big packet of Jaffa cakes calling you from the kitchen cupboard so BIN THEM!

Exercise Tip: Progress is success.  Always set out to be better than you were last time.  e.g. If you struggle to do ten full press ups, start doing full press ups then go to press ups on the knees when you need to.  The next time you do them, push yourself to do more full press ups before you switch to the knees.  Long term progress is key.  Start with short HIIT workouts, then do two back to back.  Then three.  Then maybe go to boot camp classes. Then more frequently, etc.

Accountability Tip:  Accountability is key for success.  If you are planning to drop body fat, tell people.  Tell EVERYONE.  Set up a Facebook group and add your friends in.  You are so much more likely to succeed if you now people are watching.  Similarly, if you are working out, get your partner involved or your friends or your kids.  Having a workout buddy means you're more likely to stick to it for fear of letting someone down when you can't be bothered - and we all have days like that, right?  Stay in close contact with your mentor and use them for this!

Meals Tip: Cook a little bit extra for your evening meal and have leftovers for lunch the following day.  When we start a new eating plan, it can be difficult initially to think of what meals to prepare.  If you find a good one, have it the following lunchtime and you've just reduced the need to think of seven lunches!

Shakes Tip: Add ice or frozen fruit/veg and whack in the blender.  It makes your shake super thick and filling.