At Real Results 4 Real People, it's important to us that we help you to make long lasting changes to your lifestyle.  Whether you want to be fitter, healthier, slimmer or more muscular, you won't achieve your goals without making changes to your lifestyle.  We aim to make those changes as easy for you as possible so they last.

Whether your goals is fat loss, building lean muscle, better hair, nails, teeth, boosted energy levels or just improving your overall health, we can help you to achieve your goals. As a Real Results 4 Real People client, you'll be assigned a personal mentor who will help you to shape your targets and put together the action plan to get you there.  The following principles apply to all health goals but we'll get you to work with your mentor to make the key changes at your own pace, one at a time or all at once.  You will get the best results by making the most changes to your lifestyle but if changing so much at once means you won't keep it up, just do ONE SIMPLE CHANGE at a time.


We Keep It Simple

Our whole philosophy is geared towards people with busy lives making sustainable changes to their lifestyle. Our exercise plans are around 10 minutes a day, we don’t weigh or measure anything in our main eating plans and there’s no calculating points or calories. The idea is that if we keep it simple, you’re more likely to stick to it and more likely to achieve the results you are targeting.

Your Plan is Tailored to YOUR Needs

We’ve had countless clients who have had great results from our main plan but sometimes one size does not fit all. In the unlikely event that you don’t see results, consult your personal mentor to help find what we can change and we will design a plan specifically for you that will give you the best chance of getting the results you want. Your plan will be designed to fit your life, your goals and your current fitness levels.

Listen To Your Body

Whilst we will help you set eating and exercise plans, we can’t be physically there with you. If you’re not seeing results, we will work with you to find what’s not working and change your plan. If you are struggling with the exercise routines, we will advise on how to adapt those too.

Make Long Term Changes

This is something very important to us at Real Results 4 Real People. You may have a short term goal in mind, such as to drop a dress size or lose some weight.  That’s great but our aim is always to help you to not slip back into bad habits once you’re at your goal. We promote healthy eating and good nutrition FOR LIFE! We aim to help you to learn how to eat right so that you live a healthy and fun lifestyle forever.

Eat Clean

Through the course of your personal programme we will teach you the principles of clean eating, which is the cornerstone of our eating plans. The aim is to reduce the intake of things the body struggles to process. We’ll look to reduce the amount of refined sugars, wheat, gluten, starchy carbs, alcohol, caffeine, low fat foods, processed foods, etc. in your daily intake.  It sounds daunting to begin with but we have a huge number of recipes and food tips that are so tasty, you shouldn’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. And there’s always your scheduled treat meals too!

Mentoring and Online Support

Whilst you may be doing this at home, you’re never alone with Real Results 4 Real People. Studies show that you are more likely to achieve results with the right support. As a client of Real Results 4 Real People, you’ll get access to your own personal mentor who will be there to offer support and motivation for you throughout your whole journey towards your goal.  You’ll also have access to our private online forum where people on the same journey as you share their experiences and help each other in our online forums.  All this on top of a huge amount of online content including videos, recipes and tips.

Boost Your Nutrition

This is something we believe is crucial in any fat loss or fitness programme, and a healthy lifestyle in general. Whilst we always encourage a healthy balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables, the sad fact is that’s often not enough. We live in a nutrient deficient society and the fruit and veg sold in most places doesn’t contain the levels of nutrients that fruit and veg used to. We recommend a nutritional supplement which is 100% natural and made from real, ripe, nutrient-rich fruit, vegetables and berries. This supplement is made from real food and is clinically proven to be bioavailable meaning that the nutrients get through to the bloodstream where they are needed, unlike many synthetic supplements.

Throw Away The Bathroom Scales

We mean it, we’re not just saying don’t use them, we are saying THROW THEM AWAY! People’s goals are rarely actually based on weight.

Don’t believe us? If we said you could weigh less but look the same, would you be interested? Of course not! People’s goals are based around how the they LOOK and FEEL. These are the goals we work with so we will target changes in how you look, how you fit in your clothes and how you measure!

Some like to weigh themselves for a bit of a confidence but you’re just as likely to have your positivity crushed by an irrelevant number. Many of our clients lose inches, fit in smaller clothes, feel so much healthier but don’t lose as much WEIGHT as they want to.
This is SUCCESS. Forget weight.

*If you DO insist on weighing yourself, make sure it’s no more than omnce a week, at the same time of day and that you use scales which measure body fat too.  That way you’ll know if you’ve dropped body fat even if your weight has stayed the same.

HIIT 3-5 Days a Week

This is something that is key to what we do. We have found a way of concentrating an intense workout into a short space of time, optimising fat loss and boosting your metabolism for many hours after you’ve finished. The vast majority of our workout routines take less than ten minutes but burn fat for up to 24 hours. All the workouts are scalable to suit everyone from deconditioned clients to those who take regular serious exercise. All routines require no gym equipment and are designed for in-home and don’t take too much room. If you can find enough floor space to lie down, you have enough space to exercise! If you do like going to the gym, contact us as we have gym based workouts you can use to make your time there more efficient to gain better results in less time.

If You Are Hungry, EAT! But EAT RIGHT!

At the beginning of any new eating plan, you can expect to feel hungry at times.  This is normal!  If your body has been used to bad food, too much sugar and too many calories, when you start to eat right, you’ll probably feel hungry to begin with.  This doesn’t mean you’re starving yourself, it means your body is adapting to the new lifestyle.  This will pass.

Once you are up and running with your new plan, you’ll feel hungry less often, if at all and you’ll also learn how to snack whenever you want. Let’s be clear. We are not recommending you fill your boots all day! Our plans are designed to be long term, if you are finding yourself hungry, you’re less likely to stick to the plan.

Drink 2-3 Litres of Water a Day

Any fat loss/fitness plan that doesn’t include constant hydration isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and could, in fact, be dangerous. Hydration is not only what keeps us alive, it has a multitude of health benefits including better skin, kidneys, energised muscles, improved fat loss, etc.

Try to space your drinks out throughout the day – our tip is always have a water bottle to hand as its’ easier to track how much water you’ve had and reminds you to drink it!

Two Week Detox to Begin

Almost all of our plans start with a 2 week detox. The reason for this is key to fitness and fat loss. Reducing your body size without reducing the toxins in your body actually increases the concentration of toxins in the body. This means when you have lost body fat, your body is still craving the bad stuff so you’re more likely to return to your bad habits and gain the body fat you’ve lost. Cleansing the system before (and during) a fat loss programme means you are giving yourself a better chance of making the change permanent.

Treat Meals

No food is off limits in our main clean eating programme, we will incorporate treat meals into your plan. A scheduled treat meal not only gives you a reward for sticking to plan it but also releases leptin, a fat burning hormone which can help if your fat loss progress has slowed.

It’s important to us that everything we do is sustainable in the long term, treat meals help this as you won’t have to COMPLETELY exclude anything. Just don’t go crazy and binge on bad food, it’s a treat MEAL, not a treat WEEK! And remember, you EARN a treat. If you’ve not been eating well that week, you don’t get one!

Get a Good Night's Sleep

A good night’s sleep is vital to health and wellbeing and can help improve fat loss results. We encourage you to get a good night’s sleep.  Go to bed a little earlier, don’t watch TV or play on your phone immediately before going to sleep and try listening to relaxation music. We have had many clients tell us that their new eating plan and natural supplements have aided their sleep.

Drink less Alcohol

Yeah, we know. This one isn’t popular, we like a drink too! Alcohol isn’t good for a couple of reasons. Firstly, clearly it’s a toxin and contains lots of calories and quite often sugar, grains, etc. Secondly, being drunk or hungover often leads to poor food choices, so there’s a double whammy – the calories and toxins from the alcohol and the pizza for breakfast to cure the hangover!!

Your chance of fat loss results improve massively when you quit the booze, so our advice is to find a time period where you’ve no social engagements planned and take some time away from the booze. See how your results accelerate!