Online Body Transformation Coaching


We are delighted to announce that we are launching a new online Body Transformation Coaching service.  Whether your goal is fat loss, increased muscle 'toning' or general health improvement, we can help!  We're really excited about this as it will allow us to give one-to-one coaching, advice and personal training to clients worldwide!!

Watch the short video below to see HOW IT WORKS

All of the above is available for a monthly fee equivalent to the price of a weekly average-priced personal training session.

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The comparison above isn't suggesting that personal training is a bad thing, it's not (we offer that service too in Bury, Bolton and Birmingham).  We've found, though, that the traditional method of personal training isn't flexible enough for many people who lead busy lives.  Another problem with traditional personal training is that it has large overheads such as travel costs, equipment purchasing and huge investment in setting up or renting a gym.  By offering our services online, we have much lower overheads, so we are able to offer more of our TIME and EXPERTISE to get you RESULTS.

We think that our monthly package gives you a better level of support, advice and motivation than hiring a traditional personal trainer once a week, often FOR A LOWER PRICE!

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