About Us


Hi everyone, welcome to Real Results 4 Real People. We're Mike and Emma, we're married with three kids and we live in Lancashire. We're a normal couple who over the years have tried many different ways to lose weight, get fit and be healthier. Over the years, we've learned a huge amount about how to eat right, exercise properly and fuel our bodies with the right nutrition.

We've partnered with nutritionists and fitness professionals to be able to offer eating plans, recipes, natural nutritional support, short home-workout videos and the personal support you need to succeed. It's been important to us to come up with something that's straightforward and fits into a busy life. Our aim is to not only help you achieve your short term goals but to help you learn to make the sustainable changes to your lifestyle forever, without completely excluding anything!

We have clients in sixteen countries and since we started in 2013, we've helped thousands of happy clients achieve their goals. So no matter where you are or what your goals, we'd love to help you become a healthier, happier and more energetic YOU!

Emma's Story

Like most women, I have been all sorts of shapes and sizes since I hit my 20s and discovered a social life, marriage, babies, wine and everything in between. I realised that what I found simple in my younger days, like eating and drinking what I wanted without really putting on weight, became more difficult as I got older and I had less time to counteract the bad food and wine by eating right and exercising regularly.

Over the past 10 or so years I have tried all sorts of things to lose weight after having my two babies - every diet and exercise plan going! Some worked, some didn't but until 2 years ago I didn't really ever look at the composition of what I was eating or where it came from. Consequently, I sometimes lost weight but I always felt tired and run down. Juggling kids, full-time work and running a home, I never really looked after ME properly or looked at what I fuelled my body with.

Then I discovered short fast workouts and clean eating coupled with fruit and veg based nutrition and I have never looked back. I feel fit, healthy, full of energy, sleep soundly every night and hop out of bed in the mornings. Good, healthy, natural nutrition has massively impacted my overall wellbeing and appearance and I can maintain that easily now.

Now I know what works and is sustainable for real people with busy lives, I love that I can share this with you all so you too can get the results you truly want and deserve.



Mike's Story

Whilst I've never been massively overweight (OK, just the once and for a few years!), I've also never been happy with the way I looked. I've always been one of those people that has been able to look relatively slim in the right clothes. That's meant that most of my adult life, I haven't watched what I've eaten, I've been drinking a little too much and thought 5-a-side football once or twice a week made me healthy.

A couple of years ahead of my 40th birthday, I decided to do something about it. Emma had a head start on me and began to teach me the right way to eat and I found a great way to exercise in a short space of time which I was able to fit in before going to work every day. Gradually, I began taking natural supplements, my diet got better and I drank alcohol less frequently. (I still had the occasional pizza and beer!) By my 40th birthday I had become happier, healthier and in better shape than I had ever been before. I've now become passionate about health, nutrition & fitness and want to help other normal people to achieve similar goals as I continue my journey to be the fittest and healthiest I can be.


UPDATE MARCH 2016: Such is my passion for health, fitness and nutrition, I've been busy behind the scenes and I'm now a Level 3 Personal Trainer & qualified METAFIT coach.

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