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Welcome to the recipe section where we have hundreds of mouth watering CLEAN recipes for you. To see the detail of the recipe, simply click on the recipe title.

Clean Chocolate Cheesecake

Clean Chocolate Cheesecake This one tastes SO indulgent, you'll swear it is bad for you. It's not, it's super healthy! It's packed with highly nutritious food, it just pretends to be bad for you! Ingredients For the base: 1 Cup of Pecans Half Cup of Almonds 2.5 Cups of Dates (remove stones) 2 Tablespoons of […]

Clean Chocolate Brownies

Clean Chocolate Brownies This was an absolute revelation when we heard about it! CLEAN brownies! We loved these so much when we first tried them that we even bought a new food processor to cope with the extra demand! Great fun to make with the kids, WATCH THE RECIPE VIDEO HERE Ingredients (Makes about 10 […]



9 Minute HIIT Accumulator (Facebook LIVE recording)

A recording of one of our LIVE workouts from The Canary Islands. 9 minute accumulator.    

Decathlon-Inspired 10 minute HIIT

Ten minute HIIT workout inspired by the ten events of the decathlon!



Barton v Unsworth: Is it OK to be a fat coach?

Earlier this week, Joey Barton caused controversy when he called David Unsworth, the current caretaker manager of Everton FC, an “overweight PE teacher”. I think his point was, that if a manager is in the dressing room at half time giving a player a bollocking for not running enough, how can he be taken seriously […]



INFOGRAPHIC: Quick Guide to Fat Loss

There are loads of different approaches to getting slimmer by dropping body fat.  One of the best is to track your calories and macros each day but many people find this time consuming and can't stick to it long term. There are, though, some straightforward changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle that […]

Top Tips

In the members section, we have a whole bunch of useful tips from us, from professionals and from our members themselves.  Here's just a few that we wanted to share with everyone!   Motivation Tip: Visualise your goal, make it real and surround yourself with it.  If you are looking to get a bit slimmer, […]





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